Yearn, withdraw and lost my SOV

Hi, i had a problem with the withdrawal of rewards in sov:
In the BNBs / RBTC pool, I earned 1.21 SOL.
I wanted to take the rewards, so I made withdrawals, but it is impossible to withdraw only the rewards, So I saw that could withdraw a small share of BNBs, a small share of RBTC and ALL the rewards of SOV (1.21).
I received the small shares of BNBs and RBTC, but no SOL shares.
I have 0 SOV token on metamask and also in the swap section of Sovryn I have 0 SOL balance.
I have looked at the contract and see that it is the SOV token has been worked, and sent to 0xb4E4517CA4EDf591Dcafb702999f04F02E57D978 (I think a smart contract).
You, are you able to withdraw one share in yearn? can you get rewards?

Check the Rewards tab buddy. Yield from providing liquidity is subject to vesting, you will find your Sov there.


I found it, thanks. I also read the wiki, 10% in 10 months.
Sorry, in the app it was not well notified, I only learned it now by reading the wiki!
It would be need an alert while press withdraw button…

its written in the claim window when you claim your reward SOV in the reward Tab

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reward SOV when claimed, is locked in a vesting contract for 10 months, with 1/10th unlocking monthly, when you click withdraw youll be able to see your unlocks schedule.

perfect, very precise. I hadn’t seen the rewards section. Thank you.