What's Our Roll-Up Status

Would it be possible to get a more comprehensive update on the roll-up situation from the team?

I know the intention has always been to go roll-up route. Then, I know we hit a speed-bump and the roll-up was either delayed, or cancelled in the near term ? Yet, I see other EVM projects actively talking about migrating to a roll-up, so I am just confused what happen on our end.

So, a few questions:

  • What were the different roll-up options we looked at?
  • What in particular was wrong with the roll-up we were planning on going over to that prevented us from migrating?
  • Which features do we have planned that are now delayed or cannot go into effect without a roll-up?
  • What other scaling options are we looking at?
  • What is the estimated time-frame on a roll-up like solution. Are we looking at months or years?



This was addressed in the recent community call I saw. In a nutshell:

Optimism rollups turned out to be more complex than expected. Arbitrum is currently rolling out and gaining traction. But the Sovryn team isn’t sure if either roll-up provides sufficient security guarantees. They’re now looking at ZK-rollups, which they believe is the most elegant solution. But this is a process of many months, most likely.

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