SIP-X: Transfer of vested/staked funds to a new address

SIP Title Author Status Track Created
X Migration of vested/staked funds to a new address Hyperboreyan Draft Parameter 2022-XX-XX

SIP-X: Migration of vested/staked funds to a new address

Let’s start with this first proposition and the discussion :slight_smile:


As an end-user, I want to be able to transfer my vested funds and my staked funds to a new address.
(Note : for simplicity purpose, I do not ask to separate the 2 = subject to discussion)

As a result, the context of the running contract will be stritcly moved to the new address, so that the end-user will find exactly the same configuration (same locked amount + same staking/vesting periods, same voting power, same delegation…)

(To be discussed)

  • “Total earned fees Available” are moved as well ? (nice to have I think)


The following cases have been raised :

  • Moving to a hardware wallet
  • Doxxed/KYC existing address
  • ?


From a GUI perspective, a new link “transfer” or " migrate" could be added in the bitocracy page.
Then a screen asks the destination address to the enduser.

This action can be subject to special fees (especially if we want to limit its usage) : to be detailed if it’s relevant

It’s NOT a mean to end a staking period prematurely.


Copyright and related rights waived via CC0.


I wanted give this SIP some time as I knew the team would be busy with the roll out of other features.

There is support for this idea as seen in the original post and every time I read about a metamask hack I am reminded of this issue so lets start the discussion again if there are any objections.

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