SIP: Proposal to add Cardano to Sovryn

For the very same reasons Ethereum has been added to Sovryn platform, I would like to make a proposal to add Ada (Cardano) to Sovryn as a RBTC/ADA trading pair. Cardano is now the 3rd largest cryptocurrency by market cap and is on track to rival Ethereum once it launches smart contract functionality on the 12th of September. I think the same great innovations we’ve seen on Ethereum will likely find its way onto Cardano, with many new innovations that will dramatically transform the global financial infrastructure. Cardano was created by a cofounder of Ethereum who quickly realized that it would not scale properly in its current form and the way Ethereum is approaching it now is risky and untested. The way I see it, there is a three way race between Ethereum, Rootstock, and Cardano for smart contract platforms. I believe these three will complement each other and improve each other through market competition, and I think it would be wise for Sovryn to be progressive towards the possibility Cardano being a solid contender in this race, and taking the same approach it has with Ethereum in adding it as a trading pair in the Sovryn ecosystem. I’m not the best writer by any means, or programmer, but I have a lot of staked Sovryn until the year 2024 and am a long term believer in this project. If this is a dumb idea or not feasible yet because Cardano has not even launched the ability for us to bridge assets from it, please respond in the comments, but otherwise, I think adding Ada and RBTC/ADA trading pairs would be a net positive for our fast growing ecosystem, and I expect in the future it is possible we will be adding some diamonds in the rough that have come out of the Cardano ecosystem. Cheers!


I would add Polkadot to this list as well. Or think about adding it if their auctions are successful.

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