SIP-0011: The Sovryn Improvement Proposal Process

Update 2021-03-05: This SIP has been moved into the SIPs repo and assigned a number. The link to the proposal has been updated below.

In the interest of making the process for introducing SIPs clear and accessible, I am working on a draft SIP that would introduce a formal process for moving SIPs from the idea stage on to the final vote. You can read the draft here:

To avoid making participation too bureaucratic or inflexible, most of the process is OPTIONAL. However it is strongly recommended to follow the process as close as possible so that SIPs get the review and attention they need to be acceptable to voters.

I welcome any feedback and questions the community may have about this! I prefer receiving comments/questions inline on the GitHub pull request, however if you don’t have a GitHub account and/or aren’t familiar with how to use GitHub, I’m happy to discuss here on this forum thread as well.


Well-written Light, looks solid.


Just updated the proposal based on some feedback and other ideas I’ve had, and also moved the proposal out of my personal repo and into the SIPs repo. Will leave it as a draft until Monday in case there are any final comments over the weekend, then I will switch the status to “Ready” and hopefully SOV holders can vote on it soon after!

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The PR for this SIP has been updated from “Draft” to “Ready” state.