LN Pool Integration

I’d like to propose an idea to integrate Lightning Pool with Sovryn. What does the community think?

TL;DR - Lightning Pool allows Bitcoin holders to lend their funds to earn Bitcoin risk free into the lightning network. Sovryn can be source of liquidity, as well as a platform to trade yield instruments, akin to the treasury market.

I think this will be crucial to:

  1. support a bitcoin risk free yield curve
  2. bridge the layer-2 eco-systems and place Sovryn at the financial center
  3. differentiate and capitalize on a yield mechanism which likely cannot exist on opposing chains
  4. build a secondary market-place to sell channel-leases

I’ve created a google doc with preliminary, yet more detailed thoughts here: Sovyrn / Lightning Pool Integration - Google Docs

Feel free to add any comments or critiques. If people find this viable I am happy to assist in any non-technical manner.


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I think it is a really good idea and the future for layer-2 is to make them interoperable. Has there been much conversation with people on the lightning network side of things?