[DRAFT] SIP-31: Splitting AMM fees with stakers

I have published another draft SIP on GitHub for review:

SIP-31: Splitting AMM fees with stakers

As always, I welcome comments/questions either here or on GitHub! Cheers


Short and sweet. This proposal looks like what was discussed in the forums and on the community call

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Seems fair. A 0.25% / 0.05% split is very reasonable, and as long as LP is highly incentivised with SOV drops they remain a more than profitable proposition.

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This proposel is great and well needed. I think the 0.25% / 0.05% split is fair. As long as yield-farming stays profitable enough (which should be the case - but monitored).

This is the best way to incentivise people to stake SOV for long term. I will vote for this SIP.

I like the added utility of SOV. As a new joiner of the Sovryn community interested in the backstory why swaps were not originally implemented with SOV stakers earning fees?