BTC privacy - CoinJoin alternative

If FastBTC adds privacy, once we get FastBTC peg-out why not create a service like CoinJoin to loop in and out and take a small, say 1% cut for the community. Keep it low to drive traffic and get visibility. The 1% could be split between stakers and the developers to keep working on it. A portion could even be used to buy back SOV on the market to prop up the price. We could even charge less for those who have a stake. The input screen could generate a FastBTC address and you input the amount and the output address. An in and out so liquidity needs would be capped? Seems like a good idea to drive Sovryn adoption but may be missing something technical. What do you think?


I have asked about this as well. I don’t know the technicalities well enough to know what’s possible. However, I’m convinced this could be a huge draw for bitcoiners to Sovryn and a significant revenue source. So far I haven’t been able to get anyone’s attention who might be willing to pursue it. Thanks for bringing this back up.

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