BSC - RSK Sovryn Bridge Problem

I’m having a problem with BNB to RSK Sovryn … Used the Bridge on Sovryn app from BSC to RSK… it was complete on BSC… the BNB still don’t appear on my wallet on RSK … it passed 11 hours…

I also have problem with BSC to RSK sovryn bridge. I sent this morning 2000 BUSD from BSC to RSK (XUSD) using sovryn bridge and have not seen in my RSK wallet and rsk explorer . The tx is confirmed on BSC wallet. I would like to point out that many other tarnzactions (using sovryn bridge) went smoothly and correctly.
Please help because for me it is a large amount!

Yours faithfully Robert

Last week, the funds in the bridge to BSC were very low. There was only about 2k BUSD available, for example. Maybe there’s still an issue with the reserves? Can someone from SOVRYN with related responsibilities look into this?